On September 1, 2019 we launched a relief effort to support the Bahamas in recovering from a direct hit by Hurricane Dorian.

Since then we have flown over 80 flights, received over $1,000,000 in donations and collected over 400,000 lbs. in supply donations. For more information about our efforts, please follow us on Facebook or press the button below to learn how you can help.



Inspired by her daughter founder, Jen Lockwood, organized a backpack drive geared towards the kids that were living in shelters. The backpacks included camping items to provide comfort in the many shelters that were without power. 

We flew 100 of these backpacks to the Red Cross in Marianna, FL. As we finished moving our backpacks and supplies donated from our local community, our operation base moved from Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg, FL to Gainesville, FL so that we could efficiently move donations that were sourced by our new partner, World Hope International. This partnership with World Hope International eventually enabled us to move thousands of pounds of tarps, food, baby supplies, first aid kits, etc. that were donated by WHI’s partner, Amazon. Additionally, we partnered with MAP International to source and fly 77 boxes of hygiene kits from Georgia to the Panhandle. 

  • 33 flights flown to 5 counties by our network of volunteer pilots – 100% donated
  • Flew nonprofit organization volunteers into site for ground work
  • SOL expenses for the effort were under $1,500
  • Received an award from the Florida Sheriff’s Association


When two consecutive Category 5 hurricanes hit Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017, the destruction to the island chain was unprecedented.

Large organizations were falling short in providing immediate assistance given the logistical barriers to entry and unknown conditions of the territory. We were in contact via satellite phone with residents in the Virgin Islands, proximally impacted by both storms, and we were able to assess the situation remotely. With this information, we put together a list of items needed and pursued getting clearance into the closed airports of St. Croix, St. Thomas, San Juan, Ponce, and Vieques.

Our first large monetary donation came from The Glasscock Family Foundation, pioneering our inaugural flight. From that initial investment, we expanded to provide thousands of pounds of food, water, and supplies to hundreds of families, to complete more than 160 evacuations and to coordinate more than 15 relief flights.

  • 16+ relief flights in Pilatus PC-12 aircraft
  • $70,000 of long-term recovery grants awarded to local organizations
  • 160 + evacuations
  • 16,500 pounds of supplies delivered
  • Provided chainsaws to crews, medical supplies to health clinic, tarps, generators and food to families.

We raised a total of $200,000 and put 100% of those funds to the mission.